The friendship anti-climax

Now I’m really confused… Why would you delete and block someone on Facebook and then add them on LinkedIn? LOL
Are you having withdrawals, my dear? Can’t live without me? Want to know what I’m up to?? Well, the feeling is NOT mutual!
Perhaps it was just an unfortunate online-stalking slip of the finger and you didn’t mean to send me a request. But then you were still on my profile page.
Perhaps you don’t regret cutting me off without warning. But you must regret blocking me altogether if you’re still interested in what I’m doing. Maybe that’s why your new husband hasn’t deleted or blocked me – so you can still see my shit. Or he just isn’t getting involved in whatever petty drama you’re creating this week.
Or perhaps LinkedIn just sent invites to all your contacts. But that would require me to still be in your contacts list. Funny, you’re not in mine anymore.
I don’t know what you’re thinking or why. All I know is what I think, and why: Even though I was shocked at the sudden nature of our friendships ending, I had seen it coming for a while. Since my life became devoid of all the drama that you seem to thrive on, there was no crisis for you to rescue me from and I started happily following my heart and dreams, you completely lost interest. You checked out a long time ago. And having found someone who finally put a ring on it obviously means that you don’t need friends anymore, right? Or just me. Whatever. At the end of the day I want friends who I can do more than whinge and drown sorrows with.
A friendship as long, and at times intense, as ours deserves to go out with some sort of bang. Instead it ended with a click. On the block button. By you. Which, if I’m honest is probably what pisses me off about it the most. You did so many things over the years that truly warranted me cutting you off. But I didn’t. Time after time, I forgave and often forgot. But when you betrayed and hurt my daughter that was the final straw and I guess I just thought that I would get to get everything off my chest in one final blowout argument and I would stun you with all my examples of you being a shitty friend.
It was just rather underwhelming. And frustrating. Much like our friendship.
So actually, quite fitting.

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